L.E.S Webinar 3rd Session

DENPASAR, Indonesia – 14. August 2020

Transcript / speech notes: Digital Marketing during Pandemic

  1. What is digital marketing and what is involved, especially during Covid-19
  • Do you know your audience during Covid-19?
  • Is this audience big enough?
  • Do you have the right products and property for this audience right now?
  • Is your web page ready for digital marketing?
    • Right content & promos?
    • Smooth and right page speed, performing and error free
  • What’s is your business model and budget for digital marketing?
    • Professional Digital Marketing start from USD 1.000 per months
    • You don’t have it? Just run posts at Instagram, Facebook groups or others which fits your biz
  • Run for the moment a little bit digital marketing (aka branding) for Post-Covid-19 times
    • Since we do not know when Covid-19 goes away, you need to monitor picking up markets in your website analysis
    • Run a small budget for branding: Keep future customers dreaming about Bali, your properties, your promos and packages
  1. Some additional words to SEO, website analysis, etc
  • How to improve hotel’s organic visibility in Google:
    • There is no simple and quick solution around, but Google honors things like:
      • write regular content about your property, products and promos
      • write for humans, not for bots
      • write for your web page and push it into other channels too (Fb, IG etc)
    • if you have budget, hire a SEO copywriter
  • SERP optimizations: Your position at Google – this need budget
  1. Always consult your analysis to see your market and to see visitor’s behavior and patterns
  • Do not think about “conversion”-tracking – generally spoken: this is not working while COVID-19, since this need bigger amount of data and bookings
  • But monitor your campaign and posts, this tell you what can work well or not
    • Add tracking information to all of your published links
  1. Is it worth to make promotions during pandemic?
  • If you are happy with a 5-10% average occupancy, then this cash-flow helps to maintain the property operation and keep it in good shape for post-Covid-19 time
  • We have seen both: Open and closed properties, which makes mostly sense, plus some exceptions
  • Adjust your expectations: We will not see the same tourist patterns for 2020 and 2021 what we had in 2019
    • Prepare for FITs
    • Prepare for niche markets
    • Be happy and stay healthy

Last but not least:

  1. Tweak your website to meet customers’ expectations with and after Covid-19: add Covid-19 information, all pdf file for menu, terms, tv, etc on the site (people/guest do not need to touch anything)

Our thanks go to the Committee Of L.E.S:

  • WB. Prayoga, Seminyak Paradiso
  • Gede Suwardana, MAJA Experience
  • Gede Pastiama, Adi Dharma Group
  • Yoga Wibawa, Bali Mandira
  • Jo Hendro, Sun Island Bali Group (SIS & SIGG)
  • Wisnu, Zin Canggu Management
  • Ganggang Yudy Istirawan, Fontana Hotel Bali
  • Putu Maheswara, J4 Hotel Legian
  • Octo Refa, The ONE Legian & Hotel Villa Lumbung
  • Sri Kesuma, Fashion Hotel
  • Yuli, Bliss Surfer Hotel
  • I Gusti Agung Istriyanti, Legian Paradiso Hotel